Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo

January 11th - 12 th 2014

(Expo Idaho,5610 Glenwood, Boise, ID, 83714 )
Admission $5.00 per person
Saturday 9am - 6pm
Sunday 10am - 5pm
Children under 13 free


Phil Rowley

Kelly Galloup

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2014 Fly Pin
By Ryan Spiller

My name is Ryan Spillers and I have been fly fishing and fly tying since I was ten. I created the flashy fish fly to accurately imitate a perch fry. Like many fly patterns today, the flashy fish was inspired by a couple other patterns. I combined the techniques used in creating a simple mohair dubbing leech with the dubbing mixture used in a Gourley Special, a profile baitfish pattern tied by Dave Gourley. This fly is relatively simple to tie.

Contact Info
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Boise, Idaho
Email: wiffexpo@bvff.com

Federation of Fly Fishers,
Livingston MT 59047.